Gimars Dry Erase Flexible Magnetic Strip - 1 Inch x 25 Feet Write On Magnets Tape Roll - Magnetically Receptive Whiteboard Magnet Sheet for Labeling, Whiteboards, Refrigerator, Office, School, Home

Gimars Dry Erase Flexible Magnetic Strip - 1 Inch x 25 Feet Write On Magnets Tap

SKU: 0011
    • 0.039 inch thicker strong write on magnet roll holds well and lay flat on magnetic surface - Made of stronger Anisotropic (not isotropic), The dry erase magnet roll has good enough sticking power to prevent falling off or curling up. Works great as marker on coated metal shelving, closet shelves, drawer, cabinet, magnetic whiteboard, etc.
    • Flexible and easy to cut for free combinations with strips and squares - Easily cut by scissor. The flexible whiteboard magnet roll can be cut into strip and square in sizes you want. Perfect for DIY, labels, marking cabinets, task chart, tracking students assignment progress, homeschooling, message boards, file cabinets, whiteboard, refrigerators, and every other magnetic surface.
    • PET white surface is easy to write on and wipe off without leaving stains or dark marks - Reusable by easy wipe-off. For removable use, to write with dry erase marker. For long term marking, you could use sharpie marker so it doesn't rub off. Move the labels around as you re-arranged items on the shelves. To remove the sharpie, just use nail polish remover.
    • Longer 25 ft. in length to last for more usage - Much longer in length then others, the flexible white magnet tape could be use and last for longer time. Max magnet force: 600 Gauss. Please note: this magnet is rubber flexible magnet, not metal magnet. Do NOT USE ON HEAVY THINGS LIKE FORKS, KNIFE, SPON,ECT.
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